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Corporate culture is long-term production and operation of enterprises in the gradual process of formation and development of enterprises with the characteristics of the business philosophy, values and way of thinking as the core, generated by the corporate code of conduct and ethical norms, customs and the traditional organic unity. It can be divided into the spirit of enterprise culture, enterprise system and corporate culture of the material and cultural level three. Corporate culture to breathe new life into business vitality, bringing tangible and intangible, economic and social benefits of the double. To promote a culture of enterprise business performance and effective means of economic growth and spiritual force, the enterprise in the fierce economic competition to win a magic weapon advantage.

First-class enterprise culture is the cornerstone to the world stage, is the only way to the world. Amway (China) to the fierce competition in the market enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, into the world top 500, it is necessary to construct first-class enterprise culture, and encourage enterprises of the sustained, healthy, rapid and coordinated development. Therefore, the shape to Amway (China) development of the corporate culture, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is the most important tasks.

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