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2014 the tenth LED Asia (Beijing) international exhibition

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                    2014 the tenth LED Asia (Beijing) international exhibition

10 th 2014 Beijing International Expo LED time: March 4, 2014-06, location: Beijing, the national conference center

In pieces exhibition review

Sponsored by the China electronic chamber of commerce, Beijing Ming world expo international exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the "2013 Beijing international exhibition" LED to success in Beijing in May 2013. The exhibition with "creative green future" as the theme, set up the LED lighting, LED display, LED chip/packaging/equipment such as the three major professional exhibition, brought together a large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprise with industry leading technology exhibition, focusing on the present stage of LED industry in all areas of the most advanced products, technology, materials, equipment, etc, to realize the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain in the LED industry one-stop procurement to pay ?

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